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Pull my quote, please!

By Evan Lerner

Pull quotes: They’re pulled out of articles, but they can also pull you in. They’re a ubiquitous tool for the designer who is long on space and short on graphics, but they’re also a shrine for that stunning turn of phrase the writer spent an hour refining.

Here are a few gems. Care to guess what magazines they’re from? Hint: All of these are from the magazines reviewed here.


1. The slaughter defines my relationship to the lamb as I take it through its final moments.

2. “You’re not the only one with a magic lunch bag.”

3. The law seems to forbid unauthorized coins, but if anything unauthorized would not be a coin, the law would therefore forbid nothing.

4. Practical, readable and elegant, less cumbersome than the Coligny calendar and far easier to use than the Antikythera mechanism, the Annual Calendar is acknowledged as a classic.

5. “If we don’t know the Bible, we will have no culture left.”

6. I was surprised to hear my aunt name each bone as she moved it into the Tupperware container. “This is a piece of your grandmother’s skull, this is a bit of her rib.…”

7. On the topic of laser physics, I would happily defer to [Charles] Townes, but this is a matter of the English language. Here we defer to the dictionaries.

8. The dramatic fluctuation in weather is going to cause larger fluctuations in the reproductive success of our birds.

9. New York’s Toonces, the fictional driving cat, has been replaced by Annabelle, the real life e-networking cockapoo.




1. Meatpaper. 2. Highlights for Children. 3. Liberty. 4. Patek Philippe. 5. Heeb. 6. Shambhala Sun. 7. Skeptical Inquirer. 8. Plenty. 9. Modern Dog.


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