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Spring/Summer 2006

“Gay Talese is not an easy man to interview. The legendary writer didn’t elude me the way Frank Sinatra eluded him in 1966…

by Dikla Kadosh

All She Wanted to Do Was Start a Little Magazine…
Then she got a letter from the IRS
by Bree Nordenson

On a brutally cold February day, Katie Rubright sits hunched over a cup of tea in a cramped vegan café in New York’s East Village neighborhood. The 24-year-old moved to Brooklyn last summer with her dog and 3rdfloor, a quarterly radical arts magazine she started in Baltimore two years ago. True to its tagline, “a portable art space,” the magazine showcases the work of emerging artists. “I just want to print art that’s both good and by people you usually don’t see,” she says with a shrug. more…

Don’t Write the Obituary Yet
Five reasons magazines are here to stay
        by Nicole Oncina
  Radar’s Neverending Story
Roshan’s rises and falls
by Asa Fitch
The Words Behind the Images
Bruce Davidson on his pictures
by Eleonore Marchand
The ASME Curse
It’s not the only thing to worry about
by Wesley Wade
Between Sex Tips and Shop Talk…
News of the war in some unlikely places
by Maggie Frank
The Outside Story
An ex-con’s legal magazine for prisoners
by Jenna Fisher
Party with a Purpose
A music festival is the essence of Essence’s success
by Anika Myers Palm
(Un)covering Athletes
When female stars pose, it’s all about sex
by Kristen Allbritton
My Big Fat Magazine Wedding
How bridal guides almost spoiled my big day
by Laura Johnston
The Price of Truth
Book publishers say it’s too high. Is it?
by Matt Nippert
Greg Mitchell Goes to War
Editor & Publisher takes aim at coverage of Iraq
by Ari Paul