Hidden Hitchens
Sometimes he’d rather just read a book
By Adam Weinstein

The Weekly Standard vs.
The New Republic

The battle of the Iraq blogger
By Garin K. Hovannisian
Woman Plays With Dildo, Protects Free Speech
Prophylactics and your civil liberties
By Anna King

Birth of a Salesman
NYRM tries (kinda) to go commercial
By Davide Berretta
Politics in Vogue
Why a vote for any presidential hopeful is a vote for the pantsuit
By Mengly Taing

Going Postal
Time Warner hits small mags where it hurts
By Callie Enlow

Reporting with Style
The elegant world of early Esquire
By Matt Miller

Don’t throw this magazine away!
Why trees die when we read
By Zeb Esselstyn

How to Tame the Wild Web
Magazines learn to love the internet
By Evan Lerner

The Oscars & The Grouches
Film critics, prepare to be judged
By David Riedel

Eat right, exercise & lose weight fast with these pills*
The untoned underbellies of fitness mags
By Michele Wilson

Last Call for the Washington Monthly?
39 years on the Beltway beat.
By Daniel Luzer

Independent Writers of the World, Unite!
Health care is so overrated
By Lauren Harrison

This article is 1, 689 words long
That’s 689 words too many for the web, some say.
By Zainab Zakari

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