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College Humor Magazines Get the Last Laugh

college humor

Rob Knoll, head writer of The Harvard Lampoon, sat in the magazine’s office on a Saturday afternoon in February. He had a writer’s meeting Monday night to prepare for; but, at the moment, a duct-taped mannequin with pins sticking out in every direction was distracting him. It reminded him of the cover of Hellraiser, he said—a 1987 horror movie. It’s an obscure pop culture reference, to be sure, and not the kind of thing you’d find in The Lampoon these days….

From Lucky Peach to Chop Chop


More food magazines have launched in each of the last two years than magazines in any other category, according to the magazine database MediaFinder….

The Social Media Monthly


If having a magazine devoted to a subject makes it legitimate, then social media has officially moved from being that thing we all do to that thing we all talk about. But then, we already knew that, even before The Social Media Monthly, the self-described first print magazine about the mobile and online phenomenon, launched last year….