The New York Review of Magazines

Table of Contents

The Front

Hot Shots
Photos that provoked the industry

Mag·a·zine [mag-uh-zeen]: noun
What is a magazine?

Follow the Tweeters
The top 10 publications on Twitter

Eater’s Digest
What if Vogue and Vice had restaurants?

A Decade in Magazines
Memorable moments of the Aughts

Mag Map
Where to buy offbeat titles in the city

Q & A
EW’s movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum

Party Time
How four mags cut loose

What Is Your Dream Magazine?
Editors envision an epic-ultra-super publication

Pages of Our Lives
A magazine for every moment of the day

A timeline of innovations — and gimmicks

Dead or Alive?
Experts take the industry’s pulse

Anatomy of a Feature Story
A New York writer reveals his process

My Ladies’ Home Journal Heritage
Discovering my great-great-grandfather’s past

The (New York Review of) Magazines Matrix
NYRM emulates New York’s approval matrix


The Most Widely Read Magazine in the World By Joel Meares
Going door-to-door with The Watchtower to spread the good word

I Am Woman, Hear Me Blog By Susie Poppick
Feminism’s newest battleground is online

Then and Now: Dickens and People By Zachary Sniderman
Today’s gossip magazines are like 19th-century serialized novels

Behind Enemy Lines By Ali Gharib
War correspondent Nir Rosen embeds where others won’t

A Passion for Poetry By Spencer Bailey
Verse’s long-lived tradition and the magazines that won’t let it die

Big Isn’t Always Better By Dustin Fitzharris
In The Advocate’s case, downsizing may actually spell success

Illustrating Man By Suzanne Weinstock
Inside the mind and work of magazine artist Fred Harper

A League of Their Own By Ellen London
The literary magazines that define Harvard, Yale and Princeton

Going Long By Frederick Dreier
A runner’s survival story sets a course for active-lifestyle journalism online

Uncovered By Candice Chan
How Glamour chose its “sexy!” cover for June

How Does The Economist Do It? By Sruthi Gottipati
The hottest U.S. newsweekly has an English accent

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Pixels By Sonal Shah
Photographs that used to appear in Life magazine have a home on the web

Dude Reads Like a Lady By Derrick Taylor
A man’s eight-step guide to reading women’s magazines

Old Dog, New Tricks By Tim Kiladze
The Atlantic
finds reinvention — and tension — online

Friendlier Skies By Jeff Dooley
How in-flight magazines are surviving and thriving

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Modern Drunkard

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