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Spencey Bailey reviews 5280

A Passion for Poetry

A Passion for Poetry

Verse’s long-lived tradition and the magazines that won’t let it die.

032c: A Strong Defense for Print

The Berlin-based culture magazine 032c provides a blueprint for a new creative aesthetic.

My Ladies’ Home Journal Heritage

Spencer Bailey discovers his connection to the historic women’s magazine.

The 48 Hour Magazine. Literally.

This weekend, a group of writers, editors, and art designers are producing a magazine in two days.

Newsweek’s Editor Visits The Daily Show

John Meacham talked at length with John Stewart last night about his flailing magazine.

mono.kultur Magazine Stinks — in a Good Way

A German magazine, mono.kultur, focuses its most recent issue on a single sense: smell.

Rolling Stone to Put Entire Archive Online

The pop culture magazine’s online archives go live on Monday — but, unfortunately (or not), at a price.

Paper Magazine’s Powerful, Snob-Free Editor

The New York Times has a funny, in-depth profile about the co-editor of Paper Magazine, Kim Hastreiter.

Magazines Brace For Their Big (iPad) Break

Magazines Brace For Their Big (iPad) Break

Few know what the iPad’s upcoming release will bring. Some even doubt its success.

Magazines Making iPad Plans For April 3 Launch

Magazines Making iPad Plans For April 3 Launch

Publishers are preparing for the release of Apple’s new technology in a timely manner.

Ben Zimmer: New NYT Magazine Language Columnist

Ben Zimmer replaces the legendary William Safire.