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NYRM Launch Party

The New York Review of Magazines’ staff launches the publication’s 2010 edition.

Dude Reads Like a Lady

Dude Reads Like a Lady

A man’s 8-step guide to reading women’s magazines.

Table of Contents

The Front
Hot Shots
Photos that provoked the industry
Mag·a·zine [mag-uh-zeen]: noun
What is a magazine?
Follow the Tweeters
The top 10 publications on Twitter
Eater’s Digest
What if Vogue and Vice had restaurants?
A Decade in Magazines
Memorable moments of the Aughts
Mag Map
Where to buy offbeat titles in the city
Q & A
EW’s movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum
Party Time
How four mags cut loose
What Is Your Dream […]

Pages of Our Lives

Pages of Our Lives

A magazine for every time of day.

Mag Map

Mag Map

The best spots to track down non-mainstream magazines in New York City.

Eater’s Digest

Eater’s Digest

What would be served at restaurants devoted to Wired, O, Vogue, and Vice?


Derrick Taylor reviews Arise

Oprah’s Canon

10 Books That Rocked the Decade


After graduating from Hampton University in 2007, Marvin Anderson worked at The Roanoke Times creating and populating websites, covering public safety and writing for the paper’s burgeoning hyperlocal projects. He has also interned with the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund at the Detroit Free Press and in programs with The New York Times and […]

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

Oprah thinks so.

Is the Great Magazine Die-Off Over?

Mediafinder reports that 22 North American magazines folded in the first quarter this year.

Magazine Slump Slowing

The number of magazines to fold in the first quarter of 2010 fell. Good news? Let’s hope.

PetSmart Has Nine Lives

SmartMoney magazine interviews PetSmart CEO Bob Moran.

Apple and Epicurious Collaborate on Digital Cookbook

Epicurious is the latest addition to the list of Conde Nast publications to create an application for the iPad.

Suze Orman De-Clutters Your Financial Life

Suze Orman De-Clutters Your Financial Life

Advice from the self-made money guru.