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Name That Partisan Rag

The last year has been filled with political scandals and controversies, and America’s journals of opinion have covered them all. But sometimes the language and rhetoric can sound the same in left-wing and right-wing publications. Here are 10 quotations from articles, columns and editorials in prominent American journals of opinion from the last year. Can you guess from which magazines these quotations come? The choices: on the left, The Nation and Mother Jones; in the middle, The New Republic and The Economist (U.S. version); and on the right, National Review and The Weekly Standard.

by Ari Paul





1. The New Republic—“Rebel Quelled,” Jan. 16, 2006

2. National Review (online)—“The Nastiest Democrats, &c.,” Jan. 17, 2006

3. The Economist—“Why it will take so long to win; The war on terror,” Feb. 25, 2006

4. The Nation—“Aristide in Exile,” Aug. 1, 2005

5. Mother Jones—“Smith vs. Darwin,” Dec./Jan. 2006

6. The New Republic—“Silver Lining,” Feb. 13, 2006

7. The Weekly Standard—“Sending Reporters to Jail?” July 18, 2005

8. The Economist—“Evo ready or not; Bolivia’s new president,” Jan. 28, 2006

9. National Review—“Panic in a Small Town,” Dec. 05, 2005<

10. The Nation—“Intelligible Design,” Oct. 3, 2005