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Independent Publishing
Is Dead

Long live independent publishing
By Sarah Feightner

Uncouth, Unrepentant
& Unemployed

How Spencer Ackerman
got Too Hot for TNR
By Clint Hendler
Good’s Intentions
Can the heir to the Inc. fortune
make money by giving it away?
By Mark Wellborn

I Love the 90s
Life after zines
By Julie Cirelli
The Man in the Middle
On John Lahr, critic and profiler
By Jake Tracer

The Minions Wear H&M
The life of a fashion mag assistant
isn’t all Prada
By Kim Forrest

A Continental Voice
The urgent need for an
African magazine
By Issa A. Mansaray

A Cover Story
How Annie Leibovitz deposed the Taliban, and other global crises
By Srabani Roy

Art(forum) Criticism
The death of art criticism has hurt
and helped America’s preeminent
art magazine
By Jenni Wu

Going Green
How the business magazine climate
is changing
By Laura Legere

Death Has a Blog
The Grim Reaper asks which magazine
will be next
By Aimee Levitt

Miles Above
Why Air Canada’s enRoute is an in-flight magazine good enough to buy
By Charlene Dy

The Nursery of Genius
A brief survey of ten magazines
of influence
By Nicholas Sabloff

From magazine queen
to the MySpace scene
By Nola Weinstein

What’s Wrong With
This Picture?

Philosophers tackle photo manipulation
By John Mitchell

Is Taking Steroids Cheating?
Inside the juiced-up, iron-pumped
world of muscle mags
By Archie Bland

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