EXTRAS for the true NYRM aficionado

Photo Manipulation, a Philosophical Take
Philosophers Robert Sokolowski, Arthur Danto, and Peter Singer share their thoughts on photo ethics

(6:10 min)

Produced by John Mitchell
  VIDEO: For Sale
An nyrm.org exclusive:
A magazine reseller passes on the tips of the trade

(2:31 min)

Produced by Clint Hendler and Mark Wellborn

Work in progress

John Lahr let us have a look at his draft. And we’ll let you, too
The Local Newsweek

A look at the magazine’s cover choices, at home and abroad

By Srabani Roy
Slideshow by
Archie Bland
VIDEO: Victor’s back!
The former editor of The Nation and faculty advisor to the NYRM, in case you missed him, on every single page.

(2:00 min)

Produced by Clint Hendler
The ramblin’ freak

Enter the weird world of Gregg Valentino and his exploding arms



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