How Annie Leibovitz deposed the Taliban, and other global crises
By Srabani Roy

“Young is better than old. Beautiful is better than ugly. Rich is better than poor. Television is better than music. Music is better than movies. Movies are better than sports. Anything is better than politics, and nothing is better than a dead celebrity.”

—the criteria for choosing cover subjects for People, according to the magazine’s founding editor, Richard Stolley

Selecting covers that will sell on the newsstand has never been an exact science, but magazine editors have learned—sometimes from bitter experience—what works for them and what doesn’t. What works for Newsweek is a question complicated by the fact that, in addition to its U.S. edition, the newsmagazine publishes three English-language international editions for different geographical areas: Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Frequently, Newsweek does not show the same face to its international readers as it does to readers in the United States.

Compare international and
domestic editions of Newsweek




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