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Srabani Roy
was born in Kolkata, India, and lived for many years in Southeast Asia. After working for several years in environmental policy in the U.S., and most recently in international development in Nepal, she decided that journalism was a great way to combine all her experiences and interests. She writes about international and environmental affairs and wants to be a travel writer as well.

A Cover Story
Editorial Idol
The Ecologist

Julie Cirelli
has worked as a writer, translator, critic, and editor for eight years for Phaidon Press, Artforum, Cabinet, Tema Celeste, and Bomb magazines, and has also organized and curated art exhibitions and performances in Brooklyn. She lives in New York but hopes to abandon her literary endeavors and make a permanent move to Mexico to surf and eat mangoes.

I Love the 90s
The Relay Project

Sarah Feightner
has produced websites, podcasts, a documentary film, and books for a major trade publisher in New York—but magazines will always be her first love. She enjoyed dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” for NYRM and thinking about the difference between small magazines and little magazines.
Visit her website.

Independent Publishing…
You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Charlene Dy
has worked as a magazine editor, columnist, and reporter in the U.S. and Asia, covering everything from antique sculpture to sports scandals. She’s looking forward to her 40s, when she’ll have enough distance to look back fondly on NYRM. Visit her website.

Miles Above

Kim Forrest
worked as an assistant editor at Washingtonian magazine in the nation’s capital before coming to Columbia. She loved working on NYRM, where she excelled at writing quizzes, explaining the difference between Cosmo and Glamour, and ordering pizza.

The Minions Wear H&M

Quiz: Are You a Magazine Freak?
Berkshire Living

Nola Weinstein
still waits by the mailbox for the latest issue of YM even though the magazine is no longer published. Nola’s work has appeared in Women’s Wear Daily, Seventeen, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and Radar. She loves New York and looks forward to Fashion Week and the Columbus Day parade.

The NYRM Q&A: Cindi Leive
The Daily Mini

Aimee Levitt
hails from Chicago, although she did some time in South Florida (and has come to the conclusion that nobody gets to make fun of it unless they’ve actually lived there). She spent her twenties foaming lattes, stacking books, writing novels, and helping rich children pass their SATs until she realized journalism was more remunerative.

Death Has a Blog
The Perfect Companion

Issa A. Mansaray
is a strong advocate of press freedom and human rights. Born in Sierra Leone, he has traveled through Africa, Europe, and the U.S reporting on press freedom and human rights violations. Mansaray is an award-winning journalist and a frequent contributor to the International Press Institute’s World Press Freedom Review. He is a graduate of Webster University in Vienna.

A Continental Voice
Global Rhythm

Laura Legere
is one of a select few who have moved to Buffalo, NY, on purpose. While there, she wrote long stories about octogenarian activists, artist lofts, and Iroquois law. She graduated summa cum laude from Middlebury College in Vermont and attended the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.

Going Green
What Are They Reading?
Virgina Quarterly Review

John Mitchell
was raised a Cheesehead in Milwaukee, WI. He recently graduted Phi Beta Kappa from the Catholic University of America, where he was editor-in-chief of the Call. His writing has appeared in the New York Times. Religion writing and Fluffernutters particularly pique his interest—in what order, he’s not sure.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Top 10 Top 10
Running Times

Nicholas Sabloff
comes from Chicago, where he began writing about arts and culture. He hopes to do more of the same in the years to come, though not necessarily in Chicago. Berlin, for example, would be nice.

The Nursery of Genius
What Are They Reading?

Archie Bland
is the recipient of this year’s Fulbright Alistair Cooke Award in Journalism. He’s been mistaken for a woman on prime time TV. Visit his website.

Is Taking Steroids Cheating?

Roger Black: The Font of Wisdom

Jenni Wu
was born in Cedar Rapids, IA, and majored in art history and French at Grinnell College. After Columbia, she hopes to write about visual art, aesthetic theory, and possibly animals.

Art(forum) Criticism

Mark Wellborn’s
work has appeared in The New York Observer and New Jersey Life magazine. Hailing from the nation’s capital, his favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day and he believes he coined the phrase “E is for Effort.”

Good’s Intentions
Second Life

Clint Hendler’s
writing has appeared in Alternet, the Nation, and the New York Times, and he’s worked for Mother Jones and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Clint loves politics, writing, public radio, the internet, magazines, Maine, Denmark, and maple syrup. Some of these ingredients are best mixed.

Uncouth, Unrepentant & Unemployed
Second Life
Jake Tracer
likes to write about the arts, which he has done for LA Weekly and Spin. He recently graduated with an English degree from UCLA, where he edited the Daily Bruin’s weekly arts magazine and never read a textbook not available in mass-market paperback. A native of San Diego, he has found New York to be very cold.

The Man in the Middle
What I’ve Learned: George Lois

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