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Heirs to Emerge: Savoy v. Clarity
Two new magazines claim to build on the tradition of an old one.

By E. Kate Novack

Dear Rosie: Now That You Mention It…
On her web site, Rosie asked readers to tell her what they think of her new magazine. We take her up on it.

By Kristan Zimmer

Sex and the Single Magazine
D magazine publisher Wick Allison dumped an entire press run of his own publication because he didn’t like two of the ads. Was it morality, or just money?

By Sandra Adams

An Unappreciated Art Form
In the first guide to letters to the editor sections, a sampling of letter prototypes.

By Anne Hemmett Stern

The Fur Police
PETA’s campaign against Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour and fur.

By Anna Sophie Loewenberg

Sacco in a Strange Land
Comics journalist Joe Sacco is forcing the mainstream to sit up and take notice. Journalism may never be the same.

By John Giuffo

What Would Jesus Do (With Government Funding)?
Everyone has an opinion on George W. Bush’s faith-based funding initiatives. What do the religious magzines have to say?

By Jennifer Pinowski

The British Invasion
Why are so many of the most outspoken magazine writers and editors in the U.S. from the U.K.?

By Katie Prout

The New Esquire
Esquire has shed its macho image. The gradual feminization of "the grandaddy of men’s magazines."

By Catherine Lee

The Write Stuff
The Insider, Dog Day Afternoon, Perfect and Urban Cowboy were magazine articles before they were movies. What makes some articles so suited to the big screen?

By Nina Rayburn Dec

Making the World a Better Place
A Q& A with Time’s world editor, Joshua Ramo, who has ushered in a new generation of civic journalism.

By Devyani Onial

Magazine publishing in China, historically handicapped by government censorship, is blossoming.

By Anna Sophie Loewenberg

It’s a Freelance Life
"It is, quite simply, impossible." Even so, Nora Sayre and Darcy Frey have found a way to make it work. More or less.

By Bryan Close