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The Most Widely Read Magazine in the World

The Most Widely Read Magazine in the World

How Jehovah’s Witnesses made The Watchtower a mass-circulation empire.

Eater’s Digest

Eater’s Digest

What would be served at restaurants devoted to Wired, O, Vogue, and Vice?

The New Yorker Examines a Local Murder Trial

Janet Malcolm covers the trial of a Queens woman accused of putting a hit out on her ex-husband.

Time’s Influence

Time lists today’s movers and shakers.


Joel Meares reviews Out

iPad Impinging on Editorial Freedoms

Turns out the iPad might be less savior than trojan horse.

The Advocate Announces NBC Partnership

The oft-imperiled gay mag is set to partner with a TV powerhouse.

Time Magazine: Pricey on the iPad

Time has announced it will charge $4.99 — more than the newsstand price — for its weekly iPad edition.

I’m on Gawker

And I didn’t even want to be.

Roger Ebert Discusses His Esquire Profile

The award-winning TV critic shows raw honesty in response to Chris Jones’ story.