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How is 48 Hour Magazine Already For Sale? MagCloud

By Candice Chan

As mentioned in this post, the mag that was built (quickly) over the weekend by a small team of editors using contributions from across the world, is now up for sale. You can find a copy, and a view of the magazine in miniature PDF form, at the MagCloud website.

A division of Hewlett-Packard, MagCloud takes completed and designed magazines in PDF form and streamlines the publishing process. You send them the content; they send you the proofs to review. Once proofs are approved, they store the magazine until a buyer orders a copy, then they print it, bind it, and send it. It’s a definitively democratized process for producing a publication, since anyone and everyone can submit their work. (Not surprisingly, using the site is like sending your photos to HP or Kodak’s website where they’ll print the images for you.)

It’s a good sign for any of us who are looking to start our own periodicals, though, and it’s refreshing to see niche titles like The Indie Game Magazine and NYC BridgeRunners throughout the site. At the very least, it means that there’s still an interest, and hopefully a thirst, for the glossy bound books that we love here at NYRM.

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