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By Joel Meares

This summer, Rolling Stone will dare to go where Playboy, Maxim and Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter have gone before, opening the first of several Planet Hollywood-style chains of restaurants in Los Angeles. The menu’s a secret as of our publication date — surely they can’t not serve Red Hot Chili Peppers — but Rolling Stone promises it will be a hip and tasty affair. We think it’s a great idea and encourage other mags to take the foodie route on their revenue hunts. To help out, here are a few menus we prepared:

Nestled between warehouses on a nondescript Brooklyn street, this shabby-chic diner serves a cheap brunch, lunch and supper with speedy, free Wi-Fi.

Geek Salad
Cup Noodles — with Salsa Picante
Chicken or Shrimp sachets

iPad Thai — not yet announced, but rumors suggest it will feature enough nuts to save an industry
The Mr.-Know-It-All — a question of your choice covered with pithy answers and an expert opinion, served in a grilled panino

Hashtag cookies — perfect with a game of Grand Theft Auto

O Magazine
This Chicago chain of restaurants is all beautifully furnished wood, comfy couches and framed magazine covers. Found on nearly every corner in the city, the rooms range from mammoth halls to closet-sized standing-room-only bars.

See! Zar! Salad!
Pulled! Pork! Sliders!

Tofurkey burgers — may at any stage be replaced with full-grease, full-beef patties
Book Club Sandwich — served with Franzen fries (check availability)

Gayle King

Chichi runway-wide eatery in the shadow of the Highline in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District serves the best-dressed salads in town. Smoking allowed.

Just be glad you’re even allowed an entrée

Smoked Coddington — a tough, tasty, oft-underappreciated fish
Men’s Vogue (out of season)

Wintour Sampler — thinly sliced mix of apple, celery and carrot, served with a glass of water, chilled
LeBron and Gisele Cookie

Your house? My house? That kid Dan’s basement? Whatever, as long as there’s a fridge and it’s not in Manhattan.

Ask your server for our, err, specials

Entrées/The Dos
Last night’s pizza (cold)
4 a.m. gyro (hot)
A buddy’s half-full pack of American Spirits (bummed)

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