Editor’s Letter

Editors On Their Letters by Nichole Marks
Gonzo But Not Forgotten? by Audrey N. Carpio
The Year, Reviewed by Kate O’Mara
Re: Jobs (Ssshhh!!) by Lisa Ann Smith
Speed Reading by Billy Baker
FEERless by Han Ou
What Would Randy Cohen Do? by Catherine Payne
2 Titles & A Lie by Candace Jackson
OMNI Present by Channing Joseph
Celeb Libs by Marnie Hanel
Spies Like Jinx by Sonya Fatah
New Yorkers, What Are Youse Reading? by Anima T. Aguiluz
Money Trail by Daniel Schulman
Dateline: 1905 by Emily Waltz
Patriot Names by Amy Rocha
The 2000 Calorie Quiz by Marnie Hanel

The Naked Truth: Why European teen ’zines are racier than ours by Audrey N.Carpio
Alma Matters: Do alumni magazines bury campus controversies? by Daniel Schulman
Southern Secret: What y’all don’t know about Time Inc.’s cash crop by Kate O’Mara
Captive Audience: The curious tale of a tiny Chinese magazine and the prisoners who love it by Han Ou
Paradise Lost: How Asian tourism magazines survived in the wake of the tsunami by Emily Waltz
Tasini’s Trials: Sitting down with the man who stood up for freelancers by Nichole Marks
Up Against the Wal-Mart: Behind the racks and rules of the retail giant by Candace Jackson
The Harper’s Index Index: Inside the numbers game by Billy Baker
Talking Dirty: Sex, Spies, and Glamour’s Jake by Marnie Hanel
Inheriting Fortune: Is the new managing editor up to the challenge? by Sonya Fatah
Guess What? Glossies may be good for you by Leslie Hendrickson
Making the Grade: Inside the flattery academy of college rankings by Channing Joseph & Catherine Payne
Deep Threat: New York magazine goes on the record about anonymous sources by Amy Rocha
Badvertisements: Why magazines reject ads — even when they can’t afford to by Anima T. Aguiluz

Risen by Audrey N. Carpio
Departures by Kate O’Mara
Citizen Culture by Lisa Ann Smith
Film Comment by Anima T. Aguiluz
Topic by Emily Waltz
NewBeauty by Nichole Marks
What is Enlightenment? by Channing Joseph
Orion by Sonya Fatah
Oxford American by Leslie Hendrickson
Hyphen by Han Ou
Vitals by Amy Rocha
Tango by Marnie Hanel
Trader Monthly by Candace Jackson
Wedding Dresses by Catherine Payne
New York Dog by Billy Baker
Atlantic Monthly by Daniel Schulman

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