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Beat News

The American Conservative Devotes Space to Israel

Looking for a debate on Israel? The Daily Conservative has you covered.

Burn Wins Lucie Award

Nir Rosen Has Plenty Left in His Notebook

Nir Rosen, as prolific a blogger as he is a columnist, is today’s premier war correspondent.

Virginia Quarterly Review Scored Big With Mumbai Story

This story about the Mumbai bombings is worth a read — even at 20,000 words.

Celebrity Weeklies As Serial Novels?

Celebrity zines use serialized storytelling to keep readers craving news.

New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix to Become TV Show

Bravo for the matrix.

Andrew Sullivan’s Blog Sees Increased Readership

Andrew Sullivan’s blog received 10 million hits last month.

I’m on Gawker

And I didn’t even want to be.

Want to Take the Runner’s World Challenge?

Now you can run martahons with the folks from Runner’s World.

Gossip Mill

Zack Sniderman just can’t get enough of gossip weeklies.

CJR Study: Magazine Websites Lack Consistent Standards

Magazines’ web standards are lower than for their print publications.