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About NYRM


How many uses can you find for a magazine? Here are 88 uses—some practical, some strange—that people actually told me they have found for their magazines.

by Jenna Fisher

Kid’s booster chair | Collage | Origami | Paper airplane | Boxes | Ransom note | Flyswatter | Way to pick up guys/girls  | Coaster | Poster material | Bathroom wallpaper | Gift wrap | Bludgeon | Sit on it when you don’t want to get your bum dirty | Tuck under dorm-room doors to keep smoke from seeping out | Inspiration for haircuts, advice | Pack the family crystal | Wrap fish | Bullhorn | Toilet paper | Rain hat | Garbage can protector | Fire starter | Pillow | Liner for a dog cage | Makeshift window-shade | Stuffing for a bra | Stuffing for boots to keep them standing tall | Fold to make a sheath for a knife | Keep window from rattling | Roll them up to make necklace beads | Arts and crafts | Make into envelope | Build a magazine fort | Slide under jar or box to trap insects and bats | Splint to immobilize broken arm (as noted in the Red Cross Lifeguard Manual) | Make a Halloween costume | Line kitty litter boxes or use as kitty litter | Confetti | Paper maché | Rip it up and make a trail in the woods so you don’t get lost | Welcome mat | Bookmark | Place prominently on coffee table to impress your friends | Save them in stacks “for later” | Stocking stuffers | Throw at bad comedians | Doorstop | Strap to shoes to disguise footprints | Drop from tall building “just for fun” | Dust pan | Baseball bat | Makeshift basketball to shoot hoops | Pick up dog poop | Turn into book cover | Use as sleep mask when the plane doesn’t give you one | Hide porn (New Yorker on the outside, Playboy on the inside) | Clean your nails | Disposable sled | Cut pictures of models out to put in frames around the house and call them good friends or relatives | Ear plugs | Paintbrush | Plate | Self promotion (see Oprah and Martha) | Tube for blow darts | Telescope | Notepad | Fan | Spitball ammo | Scraper to remove snow from your windshield | Cut out paper doll clothes | Potholder | Science-project material | Even out the legs on a table | Stack a bunch, put a tablecloth over it and don’t worry about buying a coffee table | Wave it in the air to make political points | Fold it up and wedge in doorframe to keep doors from locking behind you | Frisbee | Roll it up and use as a pointer | Use to build up mulch in a garden | Funnel | Put in bundles and use as a ballast to weigh the back of your car down so it doesn’t slip so easily in the snow | Or put under wheels for traction | Paper-train animals | Spank kids or dogs | Deflect knife attacker | Shield | Procrastination tool | Scrap paper | Read?