New York Review of Magazines

Spring 2002

NYRM is a magazine about magazines. We examine the insides of the industry and wonder out loud about its future. You’ll want a copy of the real thing, but here’s a taste of what’s inside:


Covering Britney Britney! Britney! Britney! (Need we say more?)

Nappy Roots In Search of That Natural Look

Mag-O-Mercials Catalogs in Disguise



Full Disclosure
Michael Scherer probes into Time Inc.’s coverage of its corporate parent AOL Time Warner

A Worm in the Big Apple
Alberto Armendariz analyzes Toby Young, author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Annals of the Anal
Adeel Hassan gets the facts on fact-checkers

Midlife Crisis
Traci Spencer examines the troubling transformation of a black institution

The American Lawyer
O. Carl Unegbu deliberates on its contested identity

Inside Maxim
Jacqueline Gallo mingles with the men and boys behind the pages

The New Girl Order
Sabrina Crawford learns that the third time is a charm for BUST

Celery… So Uncool
Ruth Jacobs plays a teenager and gets the skinny on YM’s growing waistline

Consaba Gal vs. Cosmo Girl
Susanne Beal explores the cultural clash between Japanese and American magazines

Catherine Brophy overdoses on pharmaceutical advertisements and lives to tell about it

From Varga to Versace
Jessica Ullian proves nothing is shocking in a world of magazine advertising

Where Were They?
David Bodine delves into the Enron debacle


REVIEWS by Michael Scherer

Zing by Sabrina Crawford

Yolk by Sandra Lee

Mavin by Susanne Beal

Heeb by Jessica Ullian

Vice by Jacqueline Gallo

Seed by Catherine Brophy

Simplycity by Ruth Jacobs

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs by Adeel Hassan

NACLA by Alberto Armendariz

NV by Traci Spencer